Cannabis Insurance Appetite

Having trouble placing your clients’ Cannabis related risks? Monarch can help!

Monarch Cannabis Appetite

Monarch has the expertise to place your clients’ toughest Cannabis related risks. We have access to some of the most highly sought after casualty markets in this unique and changing marketplace and the ability to customize your customer’s evolving insurance needs.

Target Casualty Classes
  • Dispensaries/Retailers:
    • Recreational, medical, and mixed use Dispensaries are eligible
    • On-site cannabis consumption acceptable
  • Distributors
  • Growers:
    • Indoor and Outdoor growing operations considered
  • Processors:
    • Manufacturing of edibles, extracts, topically applied goods, and other products containing cannabis
    • Vaporizing devices/extract cartridges included
  • Mobile Only/Delivery Dispensaries:
    • Considered on a full GL and Products Only Basis
Coverage Enhancements
  • Additional Insureds:
    • For Vendors, Landlords, & State and Municipal Licensors
    • PNC wording and WOS available
  • Stop Gap Coverage/Employee Benefits Liability:
    • Stop Gap for Washington State and Ohio based risk;
    • EBL in all 50 states.
Policy Structure
  • $5,000,000 Excess Capacity available
  • Commercial General Liability and Products Completed Operations Liability
  • ISO Occurrence and Claims-made coverage forms (Retro date continuity provided)
  • Coverage tailored for unique exposures
  • Up to 5 retro years available
  • Property coverage with up to 10 M limit per location
Submission Requirements
  • Cannabis Supplemental application. (Signed and dated by the Insured when bound)
  • Five Year currently valued company loss runs with a description provided for all losses
  • Expiring policy declarations page for Claims Made from retroactive date continuity (If applicable)
  • Website Information, Dispensary Menus, and/or Ingredients Lists for Processed Goods (as applicable).


**Monarch can also quote GL & Property on Lessors Risk for building owners who lease to Cannabis Tenants.

Contact your Commercial Underwriter for more information or to obtain a quote.