Asset Presentation!

Congratulations to Desiree Jarrett
for her clever winning submission!

Contest Entries

Batman and Sponge Bob Present
Superhero’s by Knight
Insurance by day/Superhero’s by Knight
Knights Out
Accessorized for Battle
Don’t wait for a smack on the ass to sell some Insurance!
Pffft…. Who needs Robin?
The Difference is, we make this look good !!
You’re only as strong as your weakest point
Don’t leave your most precious assets uncovered
Bart-Sponge…. Ready for action
Bat-Sponge…. Ready for action !!!
Who needs pants – We’ll keep you covered
Sponge Bob No Pants
Cool Knights, Do You Feel That Draft?
Tell Me Again-Why Do They Call It Full Body Armor?

Bat “Trick” and Spiff Pants
The Boxer (Shorts) Rebellion!
Mirror Mirror on the Wall; Who is the Fairest of Them All?
Beauty Knights
Risk = exposure. Don’t leave yourself exposed.
UUA Designation (Underwriters Under Armouir)
The SuperKnights of Insurance
Its Bottoms Up on a Knight Out!
Asset Presentation!
Don’t Forget to Protect Your Assets!
How Medieval Metro’s get ready for battle
Prepare for the Battle of Briefs!
The Two Knight Stooges!
The difference between Monarch E&S and our competition is “Knight and Day”
Bat/Sponge Knights to the Rescue!
The Wow Factor