Old Farts Stuck in Place

Congratulations to John Glaser
for his clever winning submission!

Contest Entries

Kaufman with the lube for the Big Cheese
Got Febreeze for the Big Cheese?
Heir to the Throne
Monarch works out the Kinks for you!
Monarch has Solutions: Even when things “Stink”
We make it a Smooth Move
Old farts stuck in place
You can try to hide from our farts, but even the Monarch crown is powerful enough!”
Simple Pleasures of Knight-Life
The Lord of the Lube: Return of the King
The Squeaky Borisoff Gets the Grease
Monarch Finds A New Use For Water Displacement Spray
Monarch E & S, we’re a gas to work with!
Monarch loosens underwriting and toots their own horn.
Mark Kaufman – Pollution liability specialist
We have the solutions to your problems and still know how to un-wind at the end (of the day)
Getting it going with Monarch
a little wd40 goes a long way
Squeaky Knight Gets the Grease
Squekey Clean Arthritis

Rusty Old Knights
Knights to forget
Knightly Fumes
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” Sun Tzu, The Art of War
Knightly Solutions to Most Royal Problems
Did the Tin Man Have Gas Too?
“lube- a- knighty” (Illuminati)
Armour Cough
I need to check my mail
Heavy Knight Air
Had dinner with the Monarch last knight
“Knight” Terrors
Over Spray
The straw is mightier than the pen
The Rise of a Monarch
Knight Spray Delight
TMF (Too Much Freeing)
A Good Knight…Out
Knight Cracked
Rusty Days & Gaseous Knights !
Not Everything is Coming Up Roses