Mid-Knight Snack

Congratulations to James Tyrin
for his clever winning submission!

Contest Entries

the kings magic wand
Marky and the Manley Man to the Rescue
Typical Kaufman,,,,never satisfied
Eat & Drink & Be Happy
Got a bigger hammer? Earl of Sandwich
Monarchy Power to the Rescue
Sir mixed up allot
Monarch E & S knights on the cutting edge!
Mid-Knight Snack
The Power of the Sword!
A Violent End for the Vend
A knight who has surpassed all, for he will battle all obstacles!
The Royal Majesties – At their best????
Monarch — your solution for ALL problems!
I’ts me!, I’s me!, Despicable me! and I want a soda!…I mean sandwich.
Monarch Python and The Holy Sandwich
The Sword is Mightier Than the Vending Machine
Take the Knights of Monarch Challenge
Kaufman’s struggles for a sandwich!!!
No Matter how you slice it Monarch saves the day
Chivalry meets destruction of tangible property
Don’t mess with the man with the Sword!
Got Royal Problems? Get the Royal Treatment! Monarch E&S
Excaliber Service
Derek The Conqueror No Problems just Results
Monarch’s Boogie Knights
The bind it Knights
No Royal Treatment her ~ lack of communication and satisfactio?????
Mental Metal Giants
The sword is mightier than the pen
You’ve got (chain) mail
Vending Machine E&O or Operator error?
Vending machine – Get’s the Royal Treatment
Monarch Your Knight in Shining Armor
Knights of the square table
Don’t forget to ask, so you can get it right!
Knights of the Monarch
The Dynamic Knights Duo presents: The Vending Machine that Wouldn’t……..Pt. 1
The “Dark” Knights of La Crescenta & the Quest for Snacks
We Deliver No Matter What
No Guarantees
Soda, Sandwich & Insurance – Monarch Knights supply every need
1 sword gets you a soda
Reniassance Hairpin Trick !
Sir Helpsalot – Office Manager
Monarch can always find a solution
Knighty Knight Drink!
Knights to Conquer the Job !
Knights of The Monarchy
The thirsty knight!
Knight time is the right time.
Problem? No Problem!
King Monarch’s Knights
Man Versus Vending Machine
Agent Risks More Than Paper Cut
Much Ado About Nothing
We talk softly but carry a big stick!
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